Home screen

Scrolling up and down this screen display all the equipment categories. The number indicates the how many products in that section. Click on a link to select it.


Category screen

Clicking on a category brings up its database screen – in the following image the ‘Bomb Suit’ category has been selected

Product list

The products can be filtered and re-organised by various different values

Product list

And how each category is sorted can be selected

Product list

Hovering the mouse over a product highlights the following two choices:

Product list

Add comparison adds the product to a basket in which you can compare as many products as you wish. To remove a product go to ‘Compare products’ link, click, and highlight the product to remove and click ‘remove’.

The basket looks like this:

Comparison chart

If more than 4 products are compared a scroll bar will appear:

Comparison chart

Finally each product has a ‘view details’ page. This has technical specifications, a Product Overview, Details, Standards and relevant documents to download as a pdf.

Product details

In any category you can also ‘Download comparison chart’. This will download a PDF of all the products in a comparison table.